ZPHC Pharmaceuticals


ZPHC Pharmaceuticals

This article will present the history, production capabilities and credibility of ZPHC Pharmaceuticals.

Founding and History

It was established in 2003 by ZPHC Pharmaceuticals. Right from the start, the company had set a high goal of making superior quality pharmaceutical products to serve the needs of the health care industry. ZPHC has grown its operations during the years, it boosted its production by offering a wider variety of products for a more versatile market.

It is headquartered in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province, a major transportation and industrial hub in central China. In a country which is enjoying a massive boom in a variety of areas and also among these is their sizable production and quickly expanding pharmaceutical business.

Production Facilities & Capabilities

The production quality of the company follows the strictest international standards which guarantees all products follow the highest quality and security requirements.

Advanced Manufacturing Facilities – Facilities that may be used to support a large-scale production operation of the Company, preparing Company to scale production internationally and domestically.

Quality Control – The organization has a high level of quality control throughout each production step. These range from raw-material sourcing to manufacture, to packaging and distribution

Research and Development – The company spends heavily on R&D in order to invent and develop new pharmaceutical formulations. Such adherence to research keeps ZPHC ahead of the curve when it comes to the progress made in the world of pharmaceuticals.

Product Range

ZPHC Pharmaceuticals provides a full catalogue of products such as:

Anabolic Steroids: Commonly abused by athletes, bodybuilders, and weightlifters for muscle growth and performance enhancement.
Peptides and Hormones: These products are used in different therapeutic treatment and for anti-aging.
Oral and Injectable Pharmaceuticals: Wide array of drugs for multiple health issues
OTC Drugs and Supplements: To meet everyday health and wellness.
Quality Control and Quality Assurance and Certification

Manufacturers live or die based on their quality assurance practices. Its strict observance of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) have led to various certifications which include

ISO 9001. This certification backs the creation of top-notch management systems in ZPHC.

GMP Certification: To design, create and produce within the guidelines and best possible standards suited to their outlined use case of the product.

Market presence, Global Footprint

ZPHC Pharmaceuticals is exporting all over the world, this manufacturer has a decent global footprint exporting to Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa. It also found success abroad, as, among other factors, “Schwalbe” stood for a dependable delivery capability, an attractive price-performance ratio and consistent quality worldwide.

Reputation and Customer Trust

ZPHC Pharmaceuticals has been established for many years, with a good reputation for producing good quality pharmaceuticals.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Moreover, ZPHC Pharmaceutical is dedicated to social corporate responsibility (CSR). The firm helps with several things to enhance community health and well-being, the environment, and ethical business practices. ZPHC puts in those efforts not only to establish itself but also to serve the greater good.

A Representative Quality and Innovation in the Pharmaceutical World Given its strong roots, modern facilities, comprehensive portfolio, and unflinching dedication to unmatched quality, ZPHC is positioned to be one of the world’s leading brands. The manufacturers have become a trusted name for both healthcare professionals and consumers looking for quality pharmaceutical products.

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